Website Compliance Risks

What are your website compliance risks with and without our solutions? Clients often ask us if we can promise they won’t get sued once our Accessibility and Privacy solutions are installed. While all our tools will dramatically reduce the likelihood and severity of a lawsuit or penalties as compared to your site’s current condition, we cannot guarantee what someone else will do, or the result of what they’ll do, including penalties and fines.

However, here is what we will do for you.

What We Do For Your Accessibility Compliance

With specific regards to Accessibility Compliance…

  • Once our solution is installed, your site will include a full set of accessibility tools to allow users with varying visual, auditory, cognitive and motor issues to optimize the site for their own use. 
  • We will display an Accessibility Icon and an Accessibility Statement that explains the technology used to make your site accessible. 
  • We will also install and monitor an Accessibility Feedback form in the unlikely event someone with a disability has an issue that we haven’t yet addressed. 
  • If we receive a complaint or request, we will evaluate the issue and if it is valid, we will use time built into your plan to help correct (or work with your developers to correct) the issue. 
  • We will re-evaluate your site on a regular basis and report its performance to you to ensure that it remains compliant. 

These features make your site a very, very poor target for a lawsuit. And in the very unlikely event you are ever presented with a demand letter or lawsuit, we will provide the proof needed, in the form of a video evaluation, demonstrating the Accessibility of your website.

What We Do For Your Privacy Compliance

With respect to Privacy Compliance…

  • We will conduct a Privacy Interview to learn about your company and your data. 
  • We will run our privacy and compliance tools to evaluate your website and the data it collects.
  • Based on that Interview, and the data generated by our privacy and compliance tools, we will configure your WordPress website and provide all of the proper tools for you to notify your visitors about the data you collect, the legal justification for collecting it, what is done with it, how long it is stored, and how it is secured.
  • We will provide a fully operational cookie compliance system on your site, preventing the setting of cookies until an acknowledgement is received by the visitor.
  • We will prepare Privacy Notices, Disclaimers, Terms of Service and Cookie Compliance notices for you and your legal team to review and/or edit, after which we will post them to your website.
  • Some of those documents will include information concerning the submission of Rights Requests, which are handled by your team. 
  • We will keep the technology on your website updated, and use our tools to help protect your website from hacks and breaches. 
  • We will share best practices with you about what to do and what not to do with your data, but what you ultimately do with your data is up to you and your team.

What Are Your Website Compliance Risks?

Your site’s current state presents a far greater risk for the legal issues, penalties and fines that you are concerned about than it will after our services are installed. In short, no one can guarantee you will not have a legal issue, but what we can do is make them far less likely and mitigate your website compliance risks with the implementation of our services. Would you like more details about our services? Learn more about our Privacy Compliance Services, including CCPA Compliance Services and GDPR Compliance Services, or our Website Accessibility Compliance services. Or, to find out your company’s current risks with respect to compliance, request a Risk Assessment here.