Web Compliance Services

Increasing laws and regulations are making owning a website more difficult and costly than ever. Our Web Compliance Services are designed to make complying easier and less costly than doing it yourself.

What Are Web Compliance Services?

The idea of Web Compliance Services may be new to you, but having to deal with new regulations in all parts of our lives isn’t new at all. 

For example, when people first started to build houses, there were no regulations. But now there are thousands of regulations you need to deal with, even if all you wanted to do is add a door. Businesses similarly used to have few or no regulations, but now with HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and other state and local regulations, the cost of owning and operating any kind of business has increased substantially. 

Now, websites are going through a similar Regulatory transition. 

Where it used to be common to put up a website without any concern for Accessibility or Privacy, that time has now passed. As a result, we have that deal with Website Compliance, and the number of those regulations is growing continually. 

Our web compliance services can help you comply with these current and future regulations.

Accessibility (ADA) Compliance

Accessibility Compliance -- also known as ADA and WCAG Compliance -- means making your website usable by people with disabilities. Some people exploit these laws by suing businesses like yours with non-compliant websites. Learn more about our ADA/WCAG Compliance Services.

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR took effect in 2018, and while it came from the EU, it affects websites all over the world...even yours. Learn more about the GDPR, what it means to your business, and how we can help you to comply more easily than you thought. Learn more about our GDPR Compliance Services.

CCPA/CPRA Compliance

The CCPA/CPRA has similar goals to the GDPR -- to make the consumer the owner of their data -- but has different limits, rules and procedures. Plus, it allows private citizens to sue you! Find out more about how we can help you with far less effort with our CCPA/CPRA Compliance Services.

More Privacy Laws Are Coming Soon

There are more than just these three regulations for website owners to be concerned about. Nevada has its own consumer privacy law, Texas is working on TWO Consumer Privacy Laws, and the UK has its own flavor of the GDPR. More privacy laws are coming online every month, and generally speaking, a violation of one is a violation of them all, which truly opens up your business to some serious fines, penalties and criminal prosecution.

It’s far better and cheaper to use our Web Compliance Services, along with our continuing website maintenance and online security services, to protect your website, your data and your company. Learn more about our services at our WebCompliancePro.com website, or contact here us online today, or call us at 818-592-6370.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Website And Your Company?

The sooner your website becomes Compliant, the greater your chances of avoiding a nuisance lawsuit. Contact Web Compliance Pro today and let's get started.